Systems Seminar

EPFL IC Systems Seminar

Rethinking State-Machine Replication for Multicore Architectures


The advent of multicore processors and their wide availability is revolutionizing the programming conventions and application development strategies. To benefit from this new hardware, modern programming techniques are emerging and scalability of middleware and operating system is being revisited. However, what remains unchanged in this paradigm is the availability demands of the parallelized services, similar to their sequential predecessors. State-machine replication is one of the popular strategies in making services fault tolerant. In this talk we will look at the capability of state-machine approach in replicating parallel services. On one hand parallel applications require concurrent execution of requests to provide high performance services and on the other, state-machine replication requires sequential execution of requests to preserve consistency. During this presentation we will look at the possibility of uniting these two incompatible models and will propose a solution to achieve it.