Systems Seminar

EPFL IC Systems Seminar

veribetrfs: Verification as a Practical Engineering Tool


Recent progress in systems verification have shown that verification techniques can scale to thousands of lines. It is time to ask whether verification can displace testing as an effective path to software correctness. The veribetrfs project is developing a verified high-performance storage system. A primary goal of the project is to reduce verification methodology to engineering practice. Veribetrfs is developed using the Iron★ methodology, a descendent of the Ironclad and IronFleet projects. So far, we have a key-value store with 100k iops performance and strong guarantees against data loss. This talk will give an overview of the methodology and describe how we have enhanced it in veribetrfs.


Jon Howell is a distributed systems researcher with a focus on correctness and security. He was a principal contributor to the IronFleet verified distributed systems project, the Ironclad verified secure server project, the Embassies secure client computing project, and the FARSITE decentralized file system.