Rishabh Iyer

Research Assistant
School of Computer & Communication Sciences
Room INN-321, Station 14
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

I’m a fifth year PhD student at EPFL working with Professor George Candea and Professor Katerina Argyraki. Prior to joining EPFL, I received a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2017.

My research interests lie primarily in the fields of Computer Systems, Networking and Architecture and I like to tinker with formal verification tools. My current research focuses on providing performance clarity in networked systems software.


The Case for Performance Interfaces for Hardware Accelerators.
Rishabh Iyer, Jiacheng Ma, Katerina Argyraki, George Candea, Sylvia Ratnasamy.
HotOS 2023.

Performance Interfaces for Network Functions.
Rishabh Iyer, Katerina Argyraki, George Candea.
NSDI 2022.
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Bypassing the Load Balancer Without Regrets.
Marios Kogias, Rishabh Iyer, Edouard Bugnion.
SOCC 2020.
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Verifying Software Network Functions with No Verification Expertise.
Arseniy Zaostrovnykh, Solal Pirelli, Rishabh Iyer, Matteo Rizzo, Luis Pedrosa, Katerina Argyraki, George Candea.
SOSP 2019.
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Performance Contracts for Software Network Functions.
Rishabh Iyer, Luis Pedrosa, Arseniy Zaostrovnykh, Solal Pirelli, Katerina Argyraki, George Candea.
NSDI 2019.
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Performance Modelling and Dynamic Scheduling for Heterogeneous-ISA Multi-Core Architectures.
Nirmal Boran, Dinesh Yadav, Rishabh Iyer.
VDAT 2019. Best Paper Award.

Automated Synthesis of Adversarial Workloads for Network Functions.
Luis Pedrosa, Rishabh Iyer, Arseniy Zaostrovnykh, Jonas Fietz, Katerina Argyraki.
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Drop me an email if you’d like to chat!

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