Current Projects

Our current interests are primarily in the computer security area:

  • Performance interfaces
    • including PIX and Bolt (latency interfaces for software network functions)
  • Vigor and Klint (trustworthy software-based network devices)
  • SVSHI (secure, verified smart-home infrastructure)
  • TinyNF (fast and verifiable network drivers)

Past Projects

The following are past projects that are no longer in active research, but most are still in active development in the open-source community or in commercial settings.

  • S2E (scalable model-free analysis of program binaries)
  • CPI (fast and precise control-flow hijack protection)
  • ASAP (take control of the security/performance trade-off)
  • DDT (automated testing of proprietary drivers)
  • ConfErr (tool suite for human configuration-error injection)
  • Chef (converting language interpreters to symbolic executors)
  • Cloud9 (automated software testing as a service)
  • RaceMob (low overhead, accurate data race detection)
  • ESD (execution synthesis)
  • Portend (data race detector and classifier)
  • Gist (automated root cause diagnosis)
  • LFI (tool suite for library-level fault injection)
  • Dimmunix (deadlock immunity)
  • RevEng (reverse engineering)
  • PDF Accessibility (accessibility in online education)

Our work is/was sponsored by:

Google Research    SNSF    CTI    Microsoft Research    Intel    IBM    VMware    ERC    EU