Jiacheng Ma

Research Assistant
School of Computer & Communication Sciences
Room INN-329, Station 14
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

I’m a first year PhD student at EPFL working with Professor George Candea. Prior to joining EPFL, I received a BSc degree from The University of Hong Kong in 2020. After graduation, I worked in AI theory group in Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab for a year and then worked in a private hedge fund applying ML to trading. I also worked with Prof.Peter Dinda on OS kernels at Northwestern University.

My research interests lie primarily in the fields of Operating Systems, Program Analysis and Hardware in general. My current research focuses on providing performance clarity for hardware accelerators.


FPVM: Towards a Floating Point Virtual Machine.
Peter Dinda, Nick Wanninger, Jiacheng Ma, Alex Bernat, Charles Bernat, Souradip Ghosh, Christopher Kraemer, Yehya Elmasry.
HPDC 2022.

Paths to OpenMP in the Kernel.
Jiacheng Ma, Wenyi Wang, Aaron Nelson, Michael Cuevas, Brian Homerding, Conghao Liu, Zhen Huang, Simone Campanoni, Kyle Hale, Peter Dinda.
SC 2021.

Towards Understanding The Generative Capability of Adversarially Robust Classifiers.
Yao Zhu, Jiacheng Ma, Jiacheng Sun, Zewei Chen, Rongxin Jiang, Yaowu Chen, Zhenguo Li.
ICCV 2021 oral.

UPA: An Automated, Accurate and Efficient Differentially Private Big-data Mining System.
Tsz On Li, Jianyu Jiang, Ji Qi, Chi Chiu So, Jiacheng Ma, Xusheng Chen, Tianxiang Shen, Heming Cui, Yuexuan Wang, and Peng Wang
DSN 2020.


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Email: jiacheng dot ma at epfl dot ch [?]